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Canaries in the Windows 7 coalmine?

Like myself, Joe Wilcox likes Windows 7. In fact, Joe went as far as to conduct bit of an experiment by swapping his wife and daughter’s Macs for Windows 7-based PCs.

The results, though, have no been promising. As Joe explains in “Two Tales of Windows 7 Abandon“, both have ended up back on Macs after a relatively short period of time. Joe’s wife simply couldn’t settle on 7 after a Mac, and his daughter had significant issues encoding video, which was a major problem as she does a lot of stuff for YouTube.

The closer that Windows 7 gets to release, the more doubts about it are going to appear. The question is who better-represents the average user – Joe and me, who have been impressed with 7; or Joe’s wife and daughter, who have ended up going to Macs despite it?

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