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Why Nick Denton is smarter than almost anyone in new media

While I think that Mike Arrington is a blowhard – and is gradually being found out as such – it’s fairly obvious that Nick Denton is this generation’s Rupert Murdoch. Especially when he comes out with smart comments like this:

“When Gawker started, there was a surfeit of information and not nearly enough context — so we provided that, in the form of links and occasionally snarky commentary. But now the balance has shifted. There are pointers to articles on the blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Digg. And all these intermediaries are looking for something to link to. If a good exclusive used to provide 10 times the traffic of a standard regurgitated blog post, now it garners a hundred times as much. That should be reassuring to people. The content market is finding its new balance. Original reporting will be rewarded.”

And then there’s this:

“During the panel’s Q&A, Gawker Media’s Nick Denton sarcastically thanked the American newspaper industry for being so unaggressive, making it possible for ‘thugs’ like him to succeed.

Conversely, Denton said he’d never set up shop in England. ‘Every single day, those editors get up and try to kill each other,’ said Denton. Not so in the U.S.”

Actually, Denton doesn’t so much remind me of Rupert Murdoch, but of Felix Dennis. And yes, that’s a compliment. Sort-of.

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  • Alistair

    He's pretty ruthless too. He'll make the cuts as soon as necessary rather than trying to hang on to something which is failing just because he likes it. Curious how the Denton, Jarvis, Calacanis panel was but only finding quotes out there in the ether. Hoping to see the full panel conversation in video.