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The Free Market for Snake Oil and the Age of Unreason – broadstuff

“For example, let’s say the icon of your choice spouts pure (but entertaining) cr*p to their 50,000 followers (who then re-tweet like good little acolytes), and a few experts in the field with a few thousand followers each rebut it, the correct version will be buried in the deluge. Ignorance prevails.

And it gets worse – typically, those espousing the populist cr*p can get funding from commercial entities, those resisting struggle for resources, so the field is further unbalanced. I have watched the “Free” hypothesis trumpeted in media organ after media organ , typically via journalists whose grasp of economics (or even maths) is tenuous at best. Tonight, for example, I am going to listen to Mr Anderson talk at the Royal Society of Arts – not the London School of Economics.”

Posted via web from Ian Betteridge’s lifestream

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    In other words, those who shout the loudest and do the best job of self-promotion get heard, regardless of the veracity of their assertions or the logic of their theses. 'Twas ever thus. The web and its various tools for rapid communication just make it happen more quickly and on a bigger scale.