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Fast Company Co-Founder Has it Right: Steve’s Not a Role Model | Cult of Mac

“The most important question is not, “How do we become more like Steve Jobs?” The best question is, “How do we become the best version of our own company?” That might mean the kind of leadership Taylor espouses in the rest of his column, or it might mean something else. It definitely doesn’t mean replacing your wardrobe with black turtlenecks, blue jeans, and New Balance sneakers. Even when Apple eventually has to replace Steve as CEO, whether in five or, with the assistance of cybernetics, 50 years, the best thing the board of directors could do is look for someone who is nothing like Steve. You’ll never top him in a million years if you play his game, but you might do something awesome on your own terms if you figure out what makes you great.”

Pete’s bang on the money here. Jobs does a million things that would be disastrous for 99.99% of other managers to copy. He’s a one-off, and while there are lessons that other businesses can learn from Apple, there’s few lessons about management that you can learn from the personal style or Steve.

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