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A random thought on the Apple way with cloud services

Business Week has an inkling of this as well. In the June 24 cover story on Steve Ballmer and Office 2010 by Peter Burrows, the magazine noted that Microsoft would offer details about its plans related to Office 2010, which will have many web-based functions similar to Google Docs, on July 13. Office 2010 will also have a free, ad-supported version that competes head-on with Google Docs.

The first thing that came to my mind when I read this was that Apple needs to implement much better cloud features for things like iWork.

And then I thought, “hang on…”

Because what Apple has done nicely with the iWork online stuff is focus on the things that people actually want to do when collaborating: giving people the ability to do a limited set of tasks (annotating, mostly) rather than trying to replicate the entire application.

In other words, the standard Apple tactic: Think about what people actually want to do, and strip back the features to that level.

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