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The Loop: Apple’s netbook and why we’ll never see it

“The problem with a netbook is that it’s a netbook. I’m not a big fan of them in general because I expect something more from what is essentially a scaled down notebook. I think Apple does too and that’s why Apple’s netbook will never make it to consumers.

What could Apple possibly do to change the category–better yet revolutionize the category? I’m sure they could release some cool things and make it thin and lightweight, but that’s hardly revolutionary.”

I think Jim’s missing the point of netbooks (although that’s a very common thing to do). The point of netbooks isn’t that they the hardware is revolutionary: it’s that having a computer capable of serious content authoring and access to all of your documents is a revolutionary combination.
For example, I use Dropbox on all of my machines. This gives me access to all of my Documents folder, in sync, on every computer I use. If I go out with my netbook in my bag (and it’s small and light enough to carry anywhere) I don’t have to think about whether I’ve got anything. It’s just there.
Apple, of course, could do the same using MobileMe’s iDisk, as well as Address Book, Calendar, and the rest.

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