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Dan Lyons on the lack of Jobs

Dan Lyons on why Apple needs Steve Jobs:

“OK. Deep breath. Let’s admit that Jobs is a royal pain in the neck. Most of us probably wouldn’t want to work for him, or live next door to him, or have to negotiate deals with him. He’s spoiled, and arrogant, and he has a terrible temper. But he’s also brilliant. Those lines at the Apple store today? Tim Cook didn’t create those. Neither did Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief, or Ron Johnson, the retail boss who runs the stores, or even Jon Ive, Apple’s design guru. No, Steve Jobs is the one who gets those people to line up. He’s the one with the vision. He’s the one who inspires the fanboys.”

And he’s right. More about Apple, and the seductiveness of it’s products, to come soon.

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