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Kublax falls at the first hurdle (But gets back up again – UPDATED)

I’d been quite looking forward to Kublax, which looks like the “Mint for the UK” that I’ve been waiting for.

A shame, then, that when I try and register, this happens:

Kublax fail

So I can’t use my email address because you’ve set a completely arbitrary lower limit on characters? Oh dear.

UPDATE: As Eileen notes below, there’s a fix in the works for this one – hurrah!

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  • eileen

    Oh dear indeed. We've actually got that fixed/sorted, but have been working hard on ensuring all of the SSL certs/issues were resolved (took a while due to IP propogation) yesterday/today. Don't worry, we're on it and you can use your me@ or other 2-char email address for a login ID soon!

  • eileen

    We've pushed the fix out now, so go ahead with your 2-char email address. Thanks for your patience!

  • Matthew

    You pushed out a fix that allows 2-char local parts, but still blocks 1-char? Perhaps you should actually just check that what is entered matches the spec. for what an email address should be, rather than making it arbitrary rules beyond that!

  • dads

    omg amatuers

  • http://www.wehuhu.co.uk DanM

    Trw http://www.wehuhu.co.uk. Give it a go an help us make it better

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