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Cult of Mac, on Net Applications release of mobile browse stats:

“Two thirds of all mobile web access happens on Apple’s mobile OS, according to February results published by market researchers Net Applications.

iPhone’s closest competitor, Windows Mobile, had just 6.91 percent of the traffic, while Google’s Android and Symbian were both locked in a tie for third at 6.15 percent. Palm and Blackberry bring up the rear at 2.37 and 2.24 percent respectively.”

I’m glad that CoM has managed to avoid the dreaded words “market share” in association with this survey. I’m just waiting for some numbnuts to start claiming that iPhone has a 67% share of smartphones…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mithunpratap.singh Mithunpratap Singh

    That’s just a huge share and I’m not sure what to make of it. Equally surprising is that the G1 Android phone has already gained a 6% share, matching that of Symbian-based phones. While it’s no surprise that the BlackBerry browsing share is low, I expected it to be more than the 2.24% that is showing here.