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Win a Sony P-Series

The Sony P-Series might have got some mixed reviews (is it really a netbook at the price of a laptop?) but there’s no doubt it looks good.

And if you fancy getting hold of one without shelling out roughly £1300, you can: Sony is giving one away, along with some nice city break holiday, as part of a promotion on its “European Top Spots” site.

Of course, having told you that I’ve actually reduced my chances of winning it. So don’t go along. No, really, you wouldn’t want one anyway…

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  • http://www.32lzd85.co.uk/ 32lzd85

    I always thought the idea of Netbooks were that they were so cheap. £1300 for a fancy netbook seems a little steep. I am a big fan of Sony's products but couldn't justify that much.

  • http://www.technovia.co.uk ianbetteridge

    Evidently someone in Sony didn't get the memo about building it cheap!

  • David

    I Think the sony net book (P) isgreat its fast cool and the screen is an average size it is great becaus ei can tack it to school and do work and have no trouble putting it in my pocket .and it isnt over priced because you get what you pay for i geuss and people who mack commplantes are just sad because they cant afored one them selfs

  • David

    so haha