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Dear new Twitter followers

Over the past few days, I’ve gathered quite a few new Twitter followers. Which is great, of course – hello and welcome! But having said that, it’s probably worth knowing my ground rules for how I use Twitter – my rules of engagement, as it were:

I might not follow you back.

Generally, I follow people that I know in person, or that I’ve communicated with online a fair bit. That might mean exchanging emails, discussing things on a forum, or whatever. If I’ve never met with you or conversed with you, I probably won’t follow you back. I make exceptions, of course.

I prattle on about rubbish.

Most of my tweets are about my cat, how rubbish the weather is, and what I had for breakfast. Don’t expect cutting-edge insight.

I reply. A lot.

I’m not backward in coming forward. So expect me to reply to you, quite a bit.

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