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Lonnie Lazar, on Jason Snell’s bad experience with a new Apple monitor.

“Snell, of course enjoys a luxury many consumers do not, in that he can give his display back to the magazine’s lab and not have to worry about its cost or the space it may take up sitting unused in a corner or on a shelf. Average folk who’ve bought Apple’s new display and discovered after using it for a time that the glare is unbearable have far fewer options for doing anything about it.”

Not to knock Lonnie, but this seems to me to be a really strange thing to write. It’s part of Jason’s job to test this stuff, so that he can tell people who might otherwise buy it and be disappointed about things like the glare. It’s not “a luxury” – it’s his job.

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  • Wes

    I think the issue is more that the complaint wasn't published in Macworld (yet), but on Twitter. Most people wouldn't know about Snell's misgivings in that case.