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Quote of the day

Irish ISP will disconnect Internet users after three unsubstantiated copyright claims – Boing Boing.

“You don’t hear the record labels offering to have their Internet connections cut off if they send out three false copyright accusations.”

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  • http://www.lgblog.co.uk Chris – LG

    An interesting point in that article:
    “The Internet’s a single wire that delivers freedom of speech, of assembly and of the press — it’s a conduit for civic engagement, health care, employment, education, distant family, love and life. Disconnecting people from the Internet on the basis of an unsubstantiated accusation, without a court order, without a chance to defend yourself against your accusers, without a chance to see and challenge the evidence — it’s positively medieval.”
    Does this mean that internet use in developed societies is now so ubiquitous that it has taken on the status of a public utility, like water or electricity?
    All sorts of interesting ramifications if so.