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More UK censorship could be on the way in the name of “saving the children”

BBC NEWS | UK | Website age ratings ‘an option’

“Mr Burnham, a father of three young children, believes internet-service providers should offer child-friendly web access”

Many UK ISPs already offer “child-friendly web access”, by including bundled parental control tools – BT, for example, includes them with all of their Total Broadband packages. Mandating that all ISPs included these tools would be an easy option.

But my prediction, given Burnham’s other comments, is that the government will use the pretext of “protecting children” to push through further measures requiring ISPs to censor the Internet at source. Watch this space. Technorati Tags: , ,

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  • http://www.craig-mcgill.com Craig McGill

    This stuff annoys me. Heaven forbid that parents actually do the job and look after what the children are surfing to and from.