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Yet another reason why Windows Vista was a disaster area

If, like me, you bought a Windows Vista upgrade on the day it was released you probably remember the feeling of vague nausea you experienced when you realised that your 18-month old hardware simply couldn’t run the operating system well enough.

You weren’t the only one troubled by Vista’s performance. Jim Allchin, the Microsoft executive directly responsible for Vista, was deeply concerned that customers would be disappointed with the operating system’s performance when they tried to run it on what should have been “Vista Capable” hardware:

“We are going to be misleading customers with the Capable program. OEMs (computer makers) will say a machine is Capable and customers will believe that it will run all the core Vista features. The fact that aero won’t be there EVER for many of these machines is misleading to customers. …We need to meet on this. Please set this up ASAP. We need something simpler in my view. I know we don’t want to hurt the OEMS, but end-customers must be the top priority. We must avoid confusion. It is wrong for customers. And we probably will have to change your current plans……….”

Despite the fact that Vista includes an awful lot of superior technology when compared to Windows XP, this disappointment undoubtedly did an immense amount of damage to the new OS’s reputation.

(Via Boing Boing Gadgets)

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