Linux-using Ashley Highfield heads to Microsoft

OK, so I'm kidding a bit about the "Linux-using" bit. Ashley – who BBCistas will know from his tenure at the Corporation – did spend a bit of time using Ubuntu while at the Beeb, but headed back to his Mac at the end of it, saying:

"For me, as a day to day operating system, would I churn from Windows or
MacOS for it? Not yet; perhaps in a year or two. Critically though, I
think the BBC can, and should, do more to support the Free and Open
Source community."

After a short stint at Project Kangaroo, he's now joining Microsoft UK as it's managing director. I wonder if he still thinks that the BBC should be supporting the open source community… or whether he'll be back at the Beeb, pitching yet-more solutions encumbered with MS DRM?