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The best iPhone case yet

My long quest for the ultimate iPhone case is over. Today, FedEx delivered a Sena Walletskin Case for iPhone 3G, and it’s the nicest looking, feeling and most pratical case I’ve come across.

I’m picky about cases for gadgets, and the Walletskin is the third iPhone case that I’ve gone through. Although some of the others had promise, this one really delivers. First of all, the feel of it is excellent. It’s nicely constructed, the stitching is well-done, and it comes in a nice range of colours and finishes.

But what I really like is the credit card slots. Yes, thanks to a folding flip-down piece, you can fit four cards into it – which effectively means that I don’t need to carry a wallet around. Once less thing to clutter up the pockets.

Plus, while it comes with a belt clip, you can detach it – so you don’t have to have that chunky clip if, like me, you prefer carrying the iPhone in your pocket rather than looking like a geeky dweeb.

I ordered mine from the US, it cost about $65 including shipping (which took a couple of days). Worth every penny.

(If you want other possible options for iPhone cases, I’d recommend checking through the listings on either Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk)

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  • Cavan

    I've been thinking of purchasing this case. The only other one I'm considering is the “ikonic edge superslim leather pouch”. The leather pouch looks so thin and snug; if it had cutouts for the screen and controls it would easily be the best case out there. However, because it doesn't, I'm leaning towards the Sena case.