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New Apple laptops… nice, but not overwhealming

As usually happens, my first thought when reading about Apple’s new laptop range was "hmm… must buy!" And, as often happens, after an hour or two I’m much more ho-hum about them.

Don’t get me wrong: this is a nice set of upgrades, and significantly strengthen the consumer and professional lines. You can’t, right now, look at the specs of a MacBook Pro and buy pretty-much the same hardware from another vendor for several hundred pounds less, which was true yesterday.

But there’s nothing here that really makes me think that I have to upgrade my first-generation MacBook Pro. Maybe next year. Maybe when Snow Leopard comes out. But not right now.

There is, though, one more thing: The MacBook Air. The upgrade that it’s been given takes it from underpowered toy to being pretty close to a lightweight desktop replacement. Were it not for the rather puny hard drive – and no option to upgrade it – I’d be very, very tempted to make it my only machine.

But for now I’ll be sticking to my trusty combo of the first-gen MacBook Pro and an Advent 4211 – who needs one machine when a second one is so cheap?

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