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MacBooks, iMovie, and USB HD video cameras

Picking up this comment from TalkBack on ZDNet:

“Actually, you’re all missing the point here. Even if you have an HD USB camcorder, you STILL can’t use it with the new
macbook – you can’t connect a drive via USB fast enough
to play the AIC video that iMovie creates. If you own Final
Cut Pro and you have the option to encode AVCHD to Pro
Res, at HD resolution, the video will not run on a USB
drive. I do, however, have a number of FW drives that will
do it…

Why have none of the tech press picked up on this? Job’s
comment was the single most arrogant and ill-informed
thing I have even seen a CEO say in a long time.”

I don’t know if this is true or not, as I haven’t got one of the new MacBooks (and now I’m wondering if I’ll bother). It would certainly be worth someone who has access to a new MacBook and an appropriate camera testing.

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