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AppleInsider’s coverage of Apple versus RIM is wrong


"Apple announced quarterly iPhone sales that surpassed those of
BlackBerry maker Research in Motion by nearly a million and a half
units or 25%: nearly 6.9 million iPhones versus 5.4 million BlackBerry
in the third calendar quarter of 2008." (My emphasis)

It's amazing how many inaccuracies you can cram into a single sentence. This one manages two, which render the entire thing worthless.

First RIM hasn't reported results for the third calendar quarter – its quarters don't match up to calendar quarters, being out by a month. Its last report, on the 25th September, covers the three months ended 30th August.

Secondly, it didn't report sales of 5.4 million BlackBerry devices. As Steve Jobs noted, during that quarter it reported sales of 6.1 million. "Prince McLean" has picked up the results for the previous quarter (RIM's first of fiscal 2009).

One sentence, two simple errors, and a misleading report which is now propagating across the Internet.

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  • Wes

    Given the history of Dan Eran (oops, did I spoil the surprise). I would have expected more disinformation.