Joe Wilcox on Google’s potential ace

Apple Watch -
iPhone – God Phone Meets the Devil

“What about the Google focus? The phone offers single sign-on to Google’s plethora of online services, including Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, Google Talk, Maps Street View and YouTube. Suddenly, the hodgepodge of Google applications and services has a single point of connection and synchronization. If this mechanism works, and well, then the G1 and other Android-based phones will be powerful data and telephony devices out of the box.

As I’ve blogged before, sync is the killer application for the connected world. In 2007 I warned: ‘If Google gets synchronization right before Microsoft, it’s game over.’ Ditto to Apple. Google’s sync magic requires no PC.”

As I’ve also posted, sync with no PC required is a huge feature. A phone which never has to connect to a PC is much more powerful than one which does.