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So Muxtape is shut. Golf-clap to the downloader writers

One of the things which irritates me immensely is that attitude that something is fine to do if it physically can be done. There’s a great illustration of this in the thread discussing the Greasemonkey muxtape downloader script, in the interchanges between jstn (of Muxtape) and the authors of the script.

And now, surprise surprise, Muxtape is closed while it "works out some issues with the RIAA. Would those issues have something to do with the scripts which let people download music from it, rather than just streaming as the service intends?

Here’s the point: If you hack a service to do something which is illegal, you are almost certainly going to cost that site time and legal fees. You are not being big. You are not being clever. You are being an asshole. Start taking some responsibility for your own actions and stop acting like a big, stupid smirking baby.

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