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Sound and fury, signifying nothing

Just lately I’ve found myself getting depressed about the state of the Internet, to the point that I’ve been decoupling myself from some of the aspects of the net that I’ve come to find getting me down.

There’s Twitter, with its endless stream of attempts to condense complex ideas into 140 characters. There’s blog spats, and blog wars, and blog this and blog that. Comments which add nothing to a discussion beyond a realisation that the commentator wants you to know he’s an alpha male.

There’s talk of FriendFeed, or whatever the newest latest shiniest thing is – to the point that claiming that newest, latest, shiniest thing might (just might) not be all that great gets you told in a patronising way that “you just don’t get it, because you’re not an early adopter like us”.

Every event is surrounded by a storm of words, yet so few of those words add anything more. There’s so little insight, so little real criticism (in the positive sense of that much-maligned word) and almost no attempt to dig a little deeper, below the skin of something.

It’s a vast, great pool of shallowness – and like all vast, shallow pools, sooner or later it starts to smell of stagnation.

If I sound fed up, it’s probably because I am.

The only bit of the Internet that is within my personal circle of influence is this blog and the various trails I leave around – comments, Twitter posts, shared items. So I’m just going to stop posting things that I think add nothing. If I have something to say, I’ll stop, think about it, maybe post it when I’ve dug into it a little more.

If you want to know what I’m finding cool or interesting then subscribe to my Google Reader shared items – either by adding me as a friend in Google Reader ([email protected]), or by subscribing to this feed.

No more quick reactions. Let’s all do some thinking.

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