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How Modernism 2.0 is taking over the web

Modernism 2.0 – A new weightless nowhere of silent autism – broadstuff.

"So that’s Modernism 2.0 – disposable culture, quality is defined by its audience, here today / gone tomorrow, content with zero useful thought but lots of strident opinion, often merely an attempt to flog consumer stuff, and driving an obsessive need to become ambient with the new new toys."

Ouch. Another sentence that I wish I’d written. I’d actually argue that the current vogue for opinion over argument is the triumph of the post-modern approach which claims that all opinions are equally valid. If opinion is as good as argument, then why bother with all that hard work of building a case, presenting facts, and so on?

Which takes us nicely to Twitter, a medium which forces you to distill an argument into 140 characters – something that’s pretty much impossible for anything with more meaningful content than "Isn’t it a nice day?"

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    Modernism 2.0 – A new weightless nowhere of silent autism

    This is a response to Fred Wilson’s post referring to this article in Philosophy Now about what comes post Post-Modernism. In essence the argument is that the Digital Generation is a step change from what came before – Post Modernists differed from Moder