Windows 7 – it’s like Longhorn, all over again


"Microsoft spent some time talking about Windows 7 (the current name for
whatever comes after Vista) this week at Walt Mossberg’s D conference.
I knew this was coming but I’m still surprised at how they’re
presenting the next generation of Windows. It seems they have learned
nothing from the Longhorn/Vista launch and are going to make the same
mistakes all over again. That’s a shame since there are so many new
mistakes for them to make.

This is a real mess IMHO. I feel like I’m watching the Longhorn story
all over again. It need not be this way for MSFT. If there’s anyone out
there in Redmond reading this, please give me a call? We need to talk.
George Santayana said it best. ‘Those who cannot learn from history are
doomed to repeat it.’"