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Paul Carr on Mike Arrington and copyright

Paul Carr writes a brilliant response to Mike Arrington’s idiotic post on reforming copyright law (by which he means "killing it"):

"But for all the fancy talk about “finding new business models” to
“remove friction”, which is the thrust of Arrington’s argument (in the
same way as Rohypnol – and try not to wince at this simile too much –
removes the friction from sexual assault), these new business models
haven’t been found yet. Which current alternative model, if not
controlled distribution through enforced copyright law, could support
the creation of even a single episode of the Office or thirty seconds
of The West Wing?

Merchandising? Give me a break. Does even the most ardent of West
Wing fans really want a talking Martin Sheen action figure (”Dammit
Toby!” / “‘unfunded mandate’ is two words”) or an Emily Proctor doll
with realistic moving arms? 

Product placement? Yeah – but let’s go the whole hog and rename The
Office to ‘Staples’ and create a new franchise called ‘CSI: Pizza Hut’.

Tickets to live performances? Two front row tickets to ‘The Wire: The Musical’, please."

Arrington will undoubtedly win lots of credits from the freetards for claiming that watching YouTube is "natural behavior" (like we were doing it in the stone age). But unless he actually has a contribution which shows how the economics works, he’s wasting our time.

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