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If the private sector web industry can’t compete with the BBC, it doesn’t deserve to be in business

BBC Trust to scrutinise ‘distinctiveness’ of BBC’s digital ambitions | Media | guardian.co.uk

“Emily Bell, the director of digital content at Guardian News & Media – which publishes MediaGuardian.co.uk – also speaking on Today, voiced concerns that the burgeoning digital ambitions of the BBC would mean that these safeguards might not go far enough as commercial competitors battle a potential advertising downturn.

‘I think the trust is going to have to keep coming back to this. The safeguards sound fine for now but I don’t really see where the growth or innovation is going to come from in the commercial market,’ Bell said.”

I am utterly sick of the continual whining from the private sector about the BBC. Anyone who’s ever worked there will tell you that it’s an environment where it’s very hard to get anything truly innovative done. Considering the beaurocracy involved in the place, it’s a surprise that anything gets done at all.

And yet, over and over again, Bell and her friends pop up, crying foul. Frankly, if a company isn’t agile enough to beat the BBC to market and produce better products, they don’t deserve to be in business.

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