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Apple “Mobile Me” needs more than over the air syncing

Following on from Deep Apple, John Gruber does some digging and reckons that there’s a replacement for the aging .Mac coming soon, and its name is "Mobile Me".

The reasoning is pretty simple: we already know that iPhone 2.0 will feature over the air push synchronisation with Exchange servers. That would leave .Mac, which has no such sync, looking pretty lame.

Hence, Apple is likely to introduce an upgraded version of .Mac, and seeing as it’s no long just about the Mac, rename it to something less "Mac-centric".

This makes total sense to me, but I really hope that Apple will do more than just introduce over the air syncing. It’s vital that the company also allows you to view and edit your calendars from any web browser, in the same way you can with Google Calendar. Not only does this give a nice additional extra to Mac users (like me – there’s no iCal on my work machine), but it will mean that Windows iPhone owners are no longer tethered to the horror of Outlook.

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