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The day Steve Jobs got snubbed at his own show

The story about Violet Blue being snubbed by Steve Jobs reminded me of an incident that I witnessed a few years ago where Jobs was, himself, snubbed.

After keynotes, Jobs usually likes to head down to the show floor and look around the Apple booth, talking – mostly – to Apple employees. At one keynote, a few years ago, I found myself standing behind Jobs and his entourage on the escalators going down to the Moscone show floor.

Jobs got to the show entrance proper, where there is always a security guard checking passes. The guard, spotting that Jobs had no pass, stopped him and refused to let him in.

Steve himself looked amused, but his entourage, with the standard reaction of lackeys everywhere, were outraged on his behalf. “Don’t you know who this is? You’re going to be looking for another job!” one piped up.

“I don’t care who he is. No pass, no entry. That’s the rule” came back the answer. The guard was sticking to his guns.

Jobs smiled, something which managed to combine amusement with the look of a tiger about to eat something tasty. “I’ll come back another time” he said, and turned and headed off… followed by his twittering entourage.

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