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Some evidence the iPhone SDK is coming tomorrow

OK, so it’s very slight evidence, but given that it’s the night before the keynote – and that I’m really hoping that the iPhone SDK gets released tomorrow – I’m going to post it anyway.

Steve Rubel:

“Don’t take my word for it. There’s additional soft evidence from Twitter’s co-founders here, here and here. Twitter is reportedly part of the iPhone SDK and part of the keynote, the Wikipedia leak says.”

Yeah, it’s thin. But hey, it’s still interesting :)

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  • http://husk.org/ Paul Mison

    “Regarding the Apple Keynote ‘leak’, I’ve talked to Blaine at Twitter now and he’s confirmed that they’re not partnering, therefore it’s bunk” – but then Blaine would have to say that, wouldn’t he?
    If all the iPhone SDK is good for is Twitter clients (cf Adobe AIR) I think people will be annoyed.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/ianbetteridge/ Ian Betteridge

    Plus, of course, who said anything about “partnering”? Building an app isn’t the same as “partnering”. :)