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MacBook Air battery replaceable

Andy Ihnatko is asking questions of Apple and posting the results via Twitter, and for anyone wondering about the MacBook Air battery, he notes this:

“MacBook Air battery — will be an Apple Store replaceable item, same cost as a MacBook battery – $129 and no labor charge.”

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  • http://crashedpips.co.uk Jonathan Rothwell

    Knowing Apple, it’ll probably be opened with something like a modified putty knife, á la the Mac Mini.

  • http://www.macwarehouse.co.uk Macwarehouse

    We’ve just got the MacBook Air available to order at our place here http://www.macwarehouse.co.uk/info/macbook-air.jtp and it’s looking rather sexy. (note the subtle plug :) It’s probably just a matter of time before the other laptop manufacturers in the PC market start removing optical drives too, although security issues will possibly arise from purely wireless installations. But the thing that has us really excited about the MacBook Air is the shift towards solid state hard drives; providing you can shield them from unwarranted EM, they should be emerging soon across many more products. It’s really more than just a thinner MacBook – it’s a risky and admirable step where no laptop has gone before.