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First Rogue Cleaning Tool for Mac

F-Secure has turned up the first rogue application for the Mac. A rogue application is one which basically lies to you – it tells you that your system has a problem, and offers to fix it if you buy the paid-for version. They’re common enough in the Windows world to be a pain. As F-Secure notes:

“Rogue/fake applications (scareware) such as this have been around for years on Windows (WinFixer, SpySheriff, et cetera). They’re designed to trick people into thinking that they have security problems and that the only way to solve it is to buy the software. Up until now this has been a Windows only problem but that’s not the case anymore.

So what does the first Mac rogue application really mean? It means that with Mac’s growing popularity and growing user base comes certain problems that can’t be ignored. Mac users will increasingly come under attack from bad guys and this new rogue application and the constant stream of new variants of DNSChanger is proof of that. It doesn’t mean that Mac is becoming less secure in and of itself. But it does mean that Mac users will have to watch out for social engineering tricks just like Windows users have had to do for years.”

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