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Amazon will get preferential treatment from the music business

Link: Daring Fireball Linked List: January 2008.

Jeff Leeds, reporting for The New York Times on Pepsi’s upcoming billion-song giveaway promotion with Amazon, on why iTunes only has DRM-free music from one major label:

"A senior executive at another record company, who requested anonymity out of concern about irritating Mr. Jobs, said he was prepared to keep copy restrictions on his label’s songs on iTunes for six months to a year while Amazon establishes itself.

Mmm, smell that spite.

And that, unfortunately, is why in the long-term iTunes Store will not be the dominant player in music. Music industry executives are not like computer industry executives: unlike the computer industry, they have no long history of having to partner with people they don’t like. Music companies will gladly give Amazon preferential treatment for years simply in order to stop Jobs.

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