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Think Secret: The background

If you’re interested in the background for the Think Secret case, I’ve written several posts on it in the past:

Why the Think Secret case is being overplayed, by everyone (March 2005)

“I don’t think that Think Secret’s stories overstepped the mark, because they were actually fairly generic and vague. Those who are talking of this as a threat to freedom of speech are wrong: at worst, it will reaffirm that you can’t print trade secrets, and that not everyone is a journalist. However, those who are talking about Apple’s absolute right to crack down on anyone who even mentions a new product are equally wrong. Some things simply aren’t trade secrets: and I’d say that nothing in Think Secret’s original reports is actually in that category.”

Rothenberg on Think Secret (March 2005)

“If trade secrets means any information about future products, no matter how vague, then every trade magazine and news paper in the world might as well pack up shop and go home.”

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