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In its blog post on the shuttering of Think Secret FORTUNE magazine manages to miss the point quite nicely:

“The case drew national attention because it raised important questions about press freedom and whether First Amendment protections extend to blogs.”

It might have “raised important questions” about blogs – but only in the minds of people obsessed with the distinction between journalism and blogging. In fact, it was clear from the start the Nick Ciarelli followed journalistic method far more effectively than many so-called professional journalists. The fact that Think Secret was an online-only publication with dated stories was the only resemblance it had with most blogs.

“At the time, Apple was apparently unaware that “Nick dePlume” Think Secret’s publisher, was an undergraduate at Harvard. Nicholas Ciarelli was 13 when he launched the website from his parents’ home in upstate New York.”

If Apple really was unaware of this, then it was the only part of the Mac industry that had missed out on this obvious fact. I met Nick in press rooms at quite a few Macworld shows, and I find it absolutely impossible to believe that Apple wasn’t aware of his age.

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