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links for 2007-12-04

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  • http://individual.utoronto.ca/ludlow Urizenus Sklar

    Ian, you win the prize for being the first to get BOTH the Roxy Music and Baudreilliard references!
    prize = free subscription to the Herald

  • Anonymous

    Woot! :)

  • http://www.mildlydiverting.com/ kim

    IIRC, ‘In Every Dream Home, A Heartache’ was the title of a Richard Hamilton collage. Bryan Ferry was a student of Hamiltons, and appropriated the title…
    (mind you, its been a while, and I can’t find the pic on the internets..)

  • Anonymous

    AFAIK, “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” was inspired by the collage “Just What is it that Makes Today’s Home So Different, So Appealing?”

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