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Google, buy Remember The Milk already!

The one big thing that’s missing from Google’s suite of productivity applications is task management. You can write documents, manage your calendar, store information in notebooks, but tasks? Nope, unless you want to do them in a notebook.

And that’s why the integration that Remember The Milk has been doing with Google’s applications is so interesting, and – unless Google is really crazy – must sooner or later attract the search giant’s attention. It’s latest addition is a Firefox plug in which integrates Remember The Milk task lists directly into your Gmail:

The integration is done incredibly sweetly, and includes very nice little features such as the ability to tell RTM to create a task whenever you star an email, which effectively gives you a simple and effective way of create follow-up tasks associated with email.

You need to be running the latest version of Gmail, which hasn’t rolled out to all users yet. If you’re not running it, try switching your language to US English – this Gmail into letting you use the latest version.

RTM has been creating some really nice stuff lately, from synchronisation with Windows Mobile to a really nice iPod web application. Plus, of course, it worked out a very nice way to get tasks on to your Google Calendar. If Google wanted to get a ready-made task management system, it should look no further than buying RTM.

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