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What’s wrong with the N95?

Russell Beattie sums up what’s wrong with the N95:

The summary for the entire device can be summed up like this: "Holy crap! Look at all this cool ass stuff N95 does. It’s amazing! But look how well Nokia has completely obscured or hidden all that functionality. It’s insane!"

The thing that Apple has done right with the iPhone is to expose the features so that they’re easy to get to. That’s why it feels like a powerful phone, despite having a feature list which would have shamed last year’s mainstream models: you can actually get to all the features quickly and easily.

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  • http://www.lgblog.co.uk Chris at LG

    This is mainly a problem with the fact that until very recently most mobiles have had very small screens and lots of small fixed buttons – displaying and accessing all the features at once was impossible. With the new generations of smartphones and touchscreen phones this limitation is removed, but the design paradigm of the old phone is left behind (much like how we still use QWERTY) and it might take some time to adjust. Some makes of phone – like the iPhone, and for that matter our Viewty, are a step ahead in exploring the capabilities of the new technology, but there’s still potential for more innovation in the future, in my view.