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What clinched the iPhone deal for O2?

O2 boss speaks on iPhone deal – iPod/iTunes – Macworld UK:

“But the blue lights in the white sofas in the O2 Arena’s VIP lounge were also catalysts to the deal’s success.

When Apple’s executives visited the venue for another iPhone meeting, it was the blue lightbulbs in the white sofas of the VIP lounge that most impressed them, according to the report.

‘We were in the bar talking about how many iterations of this blue bulb we went through to get the colour just right for our brand,’ laughs Key. ‘And they said later that they realised then just how passionate we are, like them, about our brand in terms of obsessive attention to detail.'”

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  • http://www.allpointsnorth.co.uk Chris Brennan

    Yeah, the blue lights made the usually pale and pasty skin of the O2 board look warm and inviting as they bent over the lovely white sofas more like. Still, I’d have been on my knees faster than you could say accelerometer if I were head of a mobile phone company.