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The Media’s relationship with Apple

Sometimes, Fake Steve Jobs is just too accurate for words. For example, this description of how Apple works with the media:

“Regarding that previous post with the video of the horrible TV reporter — Katie has asked me to point out that most media people aren’t as awful as that British guy. She doesn’t want to create the impression that we dislike the media. Because we don’t. In fact most of the media, especially guys like Goatberg and Pogue and the entire press corps here in the Valley, are consummate professionals who behave with a really high degree of integrity.

These folks have strong relationships with Apple. They know and obey the rules we’ve established with them for our interactions. Basically, it’s very simple. When you get us on camera or sit down in a room with us, you’re going to ask us a list of questions that we’ve vetted, and we’re going to give you a set of answers that we’ve prepared in advance, and no matter how pointless or irrelevant or meaningless those answers might be, you will nod appreciatively and move on.”

(Via The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs.)

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