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Robert Scoble overplaying Apple’s hand

Robert has a long rant about Google Android and it’s approach to development, including something of a comparison between the iPhone and Apple:

Compare to the iPhone. Steve Jobs treats developers like crap. Doesn’t give them an SDK. Makes them hack the phones simply to load apps. And they create hundreds of apps anyway.

They create hundreds of applications because the iPhone is, in many ways, a known platform – it is, after all, just OS X.

Now, Apple is getting is act together. Early next year an SDK is coming. So now developers will have both sexy hardware, a sexy OS (under iPhone is OSX, an OS that’s been in wide use for years now), AND a well-thought-out SDK.

So the Apple SDK is "well thought out" is it? That’s interesting, because as far as I’m aware, no one – including Robert – has actually seen it. Given that Robert later complains that the Google phone is "vapourware" because there aren’t any phones out there running it, this is a little bit silly.

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  • rd

    You obviously know very little about SDKs. How do you think all those third party app were created. by decompiling Apple’s libraries. Entire SDK is published by Erica @ tauw.
    The whole thing is just like the Cocoa Framework that used by most
    of developers to develop app for Mac OS X.
    May be a little homework would have helped you, instead of pulling it out of thin air.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/ianbetteridge/ Ian Betteridge

    You obviously know nothing at all about SDKs if you think that unpublished libraries are one.
    Erica is brilliant, but an SDK published by someone working for a blog is not the same as an SDK published by the manufacturer of the product.
    What’s more, there’s no guarantee that the SDK Apple eventually publishes will expose all the features which Erica’s makes available.
    Please, come back when you have a clue.

  • James Katt

    Obviously, if Erica can come up with a version of Apple’s SDK for th iPhone, then the official iPhone SDK must be brilliant. If it is missing any feature that Erica came up with, then enterprising hackers will instantly expose it. Thus one can have it all.
    Apple’s SDK will be brilliant.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/ianbetteridge/ Ian Betteridge

    An interesting theory, James, but do you think that Apple will allow any feature to be exposed which threatens their enormous revenue sharing agreements?
    Of course not. Which is why they’ll continue their war against jailbreaking even after the SDK is released, and why the SDK will be far more limited than a lot of people are imagining.

  • James Bailey

    “Which is why they’ll continue their war against jailbreaking even after the SDK is released, and why the SDK will be far more limited than a lot of people are imagining.”
    Fascinating. You start out by railing against Scoble for posting unsubstantiated nonsense and yet you do the exact same thing here. Neither you, me nor Scoble have any idea what Apple is planning. You were right the first time and should have stuck by your original logic.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/ianbetteridge/ Ian Betteridge

    Except, of course, that there’s a very good and obvious reason why Apple will not allow access to too much of the innards of the iPhone: money. Make it easy to jailbreak, and you make it easier to unlock it. And, as we’ve seen, Apple is very keen for you to keep paying it between £15-30 per month via your “authorised” phone company.
    So yes, I have very good to expect Apple’s SDK to be more limited than the jailbreak efforts so far.