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Robert Scoble overplaying Apple’s hand

Robert has a long rant about Google Android and it’s approach to development, including something of a comparison between the iPhone and Apple:

Compare to the iPhone. Steve Jobs treats developers like crap. Doesn’t give them an SDK. Makes them hack the phones simply to load apps. And they create hundreds of apps anyway.

They create hundreds of applications because the iPhone is, in many ways, a known platform – it is, after all, just OS X.

Now, Apple is getting is act together. Early next year an SDK is coming. So now developers will have both sexy hardware, a sexy OS (under iPhone is OSX, an OS that’s been in wide use for years now), AND a well-thought-out SDK.

So the Apple SDK is "well thought out" is it? That’s interesting, because as far as I’m aware, no one – including Robert – has actually seen it. Given that Robert later complains that the Google phone is "vapourware" because there aren’t any phones out there running it, this is a little bit silly.

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