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Most pertinent media question of the day

Marina Hyde in Binge-drinking in the name of science:

"Do you think there’s a department called ITV Science?"

One can only imagine that the answer to this question follows the old media maxim that any headline in the form of a question automatically has the correct answer "no".

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  • http://quernstone.com/ Jonathan Sanderson

    Actually, there used to be a de-facto ITV Science Department at Yorkshire TV in Leeds. They made the seminal Don’t Ask Me (Magnus Pyke, David Bellamy, Miriam Stoppard, et al.), and later Where There’s Life. Adam Hart-Davis’ breakout series Local Heroes began there as a regional production, before the department broke up around 1993.
    Local Heroes transferred to independent production company Screenhouse, and to the BBC; the department’s ex-head Duncan Dallas set up his own indy making documentaries, and went on to establish the Café Scientifique movement in the UK.
    I never had the pleasure of working for Yorkshire’s Science Department – it was gone by the time I arrived. Legend has it that there were no desks, only sofas and side-tables (for telephones), but that may be exaggeration.

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