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Lots of Amazon Kindle detail emerging – reports round up

The press conference is over, people have their hands on some of the first Kindles, and lots more details are emerging.

Gizmodo has a video on how to use the Kindle, which shows off the e-ink quite nicely. It also has a hands-on session with lots and lots of pictures. Also included is details of the formats which the Kindle will support:

“What file formats are supported? Kindle (.azw), text (.txt), unprotected Mobipocket (.mobi, .prc), Audible (.aa) and MP3 (.mp3).”

CrunchGear also has a hands-on, with some very nice pictures, as does Engadget.

Robert Scoble tells us all about the deal which bloggers are getting for allowing their RSS feeds to be sold – 30% of the fee which Amazon charges. On a $0.99 monthly charge, that could add up to a tidy little sum. Bloggers who are interested in getting their blogs up to be distributed to Kindle users can contact Amazon via a link on the Kindle Store page.

John Gruber raises a very, very smart little point:

“What if Amazon gave you a free Kindle e-book version of every physical book you’ve ever purchased from Amazon?”

What a brilliant marketing ploy that would be!

Overall, Kindle is a really, really interesting product – more groundbreaking in many ways than something like the iPhone – and I wish it well. As long as the DRM doesn’t suck.

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