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From the archives: FUD, nonsense and Rob Enderle

Technovia: FUD, nonsense and Rob Enderle:

“Why does this matter? First, it means that another release of OS X – Leopard, probably to be known as 10.5 – will hit the shelves a little before Vista does, allowing Apple to regain the ground that it otherwise might have lost. But more importantly, it means that around a year after Vista’s release, there will be another release of OS X that pushes it further ahead. And 18 months later, another release. And so on.”

Hidden amidst a long and rather comprehensive demolition of one of Rob Enderle’s more ludicrous posts was this prediction. Sadly, I was wrong, but I still reckon that Apple’s method of development – frequent, 0.1 updates – is better than the longer-term, monolithic release cycle which Microsoft favours.

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