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Apple SEC case starting to get dirty

Heinen v. Howell in SEC Apple stock options litigation – Business – Macworld UK:

“Apple’s former general counsel Nancy Heinen is embroiled in a pre-trial dispute in which evidence being assembled to aid her defence against accusations of involvement in the company’s stock options scandal is said to violate federal privacy laws.

Heinen’s defence team is trying to get hold of private financial records belonging to former employee Wendy Howell in defence of charges raised against the former chief lawyer by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

A Bloomberg report explains Heinen seeks financial records to show Howell faced financial pressure ‘to do anything’ to keep her job at Apple and to discredit her as a witness in the SEC’s case, according to court documents filed by Howell in federal court in San Jose, California.”

I suspect that there may be more little unpleasantnesses as the case goes on, and that Apple’s senior executives may not escape without some dirt sticking.

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