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10 Reasons marketers hate Second Life

Jaffe Juice: Top 10 Reasons why Marketers hate Second Life (but really just hate themselves)

“Ahead of tomorrow’s Virtual Thirst finale, I thought I would write a different kind of post…which isn’t directly in favor or against Second Life per se; nor is an endorsement for or against Virtual Worlds; but rather an analogy using SL as a metaphor for change and emerging media and juxtaposing it against the mainstream marketing mentality. So here are my top 10 reasons why some (not all) marketers either don’t get Second Life or don’t want to get it.”

To which I’d add “because marketers mostly don’t get social media.” In particular, note this bit:

“Your brand is not my friend –  Friendship is earned; conversation is permission-based…I could go on. Bottom line is that brands that just show up (often as party-crashers) to someone else’s party had better be the life of the party or they will be tossed out on their asses. Without taking the time to listen and learn; to partner with the “locals”, brands become nothing more than clumsy buffoons. Working with your customers as partners is quickly becoming a mandatory in this day and age…”

Those marketers who are currently wetting themselves over Facebook ads should probably take note…

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