Yet another Feedburner problem (Scripting News)

Yet another Feedburner problem (Scripting News):

“I got an email last week from an Italian blogger who I met at the dinner in Milan in June saying that a feature of Feedburner that allows people to game the subscriber count for a blog is wreaking havoc in Italy.”

Dave, that’s not a “feature”: that’s a bug, as confirmed to TechCrunch by FeedBurner’s CEO. I know that you don’t like FeedBurner, but there’s no reason to start pretending that it’s including “features” which let it be gamed.

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    Bug or not it was discovered few months ago: Feedburner is aware of the problem and wrote an email to the italian guy who discovered it in March 2007. You can read this message here:

    So the real question is why they did’nt solved it?

  • Ian Betteridge

    Maybe because “it needs a lot of work”?