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Redesigned MacBook Pro power adapters on the way

Seems like Apple is finally acknowledging the problem with its MacBook Pro Magsafe power adaptor:

“Several people familiar with the matter say the Cupertino-based firm began pulling inventory of the 85W power supplies from its retail stores a few weeks ago. Those same people say Apple also discontinued shipments to third party retailers ahead of “redesigned” models that are expected to ship sometime later this month of early next.

MacBook Pro owners have consistently reported on at least three reoccurring issues with their adapters. Therefore, it’s unclear if any one particular problem is to blame for Apple’s decision to halt sales of existing models, or if all of the issues eventually combined to force a change in the design.”

[From AppleInsider | Briefly: redesigned MacBook Pro power adapters on the way]

I think the phrase that I’m looking for is “about time too”. I know very few MacBook Pro owners that aren’t on their second or third power supply, and who haven’t been shocked to find that the cable near the plug has burned all the way through to the wire.

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