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Mac nano “to Dump the Hard Drive”?

Mac nano: First Mac to Dump the Hard Drive?:

“Here’s the thought that prompted this posting though… When Apple introduced the iPod nano, they dumped the hard drive from the mini line and went to flash storage. I think Apple needs to keep an optical drive for at least playing CD music and DVD video without having an ugly cable attached device on a Mac nano. But, what about dumping the hard drive from the Mac and either going all flash storage (say 30GB) with the option of a 80 to 320GB drive in a small enclosure either beneath or above the Mac nano with a seamless bus plug (like a notebook in a docking station) instead of a cable?”

I can’t see it. For small, mobile devices the switch from hard drive to flash makes a lot of sense, mostly because of the power requirements. But for a desktop – even one smaller than the mini – power isn’t so much of an issue.

Of course, where it would make sense would be if the Mac nano was, in fact, a flash-based, silent desktop which executed its applications remotely – something like the Zonbu, but running Mac OS X. Apple could even control the applications you installed… making it the iPhone of desktop PCs!

(Via Mac DevCenter.)

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  • http://www.xyhd.tv Brandon Wirtz

    I think they are dumping the Optical drive, but the Hard drive is to be a 1.8 inch 60 or 80 gig.


  • http://www.lgblog.co.uk Ryan

    Removing the optical drive might not be such a bad idea. Increasingly music and movies are all downloaded and removing the DVD drive gives more room for storage. It might be a slight compromise but without the optical drive the Mac nano will be much smaller and better looking and have what people increasingly need. More storage.

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